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What a wonderful opportunity to get TABLES for your Restaurant, or to economically reach thousands by ADVERTISING on Quality Tables in the most Popular Restaurants you know.

Please feel free to browse the website and if you would be interested in more information about tabletop advertising, tables for your restaurant or becoming a distributor, please contact us!

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Our Mission

We proudly share a WIN, WIN, WIN situation for restaurants, businesses & patrons with communities across America.  Local businesses and restaurants help each other by sharing these projects, and we're just the go-between to help get it done.  With tabletop advertising, everyone wins!

What we do

  1. First, we commit to an extensive survey to find the most popular and best restaurants within a community.  

  2. Then we contract with that restaurant to provide them custom designed, beautiful, oak tables at no charge for them.  

  3. In turn, these restaurants allow local businesses to have full-color display ads inlaid in these tables.  

  • The final product provides customers of the restaurant something interesting to do while they wait for their food;

  • The ads provide local businesses a tremendous amount of exposure to the community for a minimal cost;

  • And it provides the restaurant gorgeous custom tables that they design according to their theme and color scheme.  

Table-top advertising is a community-based promotional program.
Working together, everybody wins!

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