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How You Can Benefit from Table-Top Advertising

Picture This:  We might decide to manufacture brand new, custom-designed, oak restaurant tables for 
a popular restaurant in your area, and they in turn would allow a few local businesses to advertise on their tables.  They will be beautiful and so interesting—and the ads are in full-color and are as clear as photographs.  (See the sample picture to the right-taken from East Park Restaurant in Ravenna, OH)  Wow!

Of course the idea behind this is that when we sit in a restaurant and we’re waiting on our food, we have absolutely nothing to do.  People just can’t help from reading all the ads because they look so nice and professional, they’re only a few inches away from them for 15-30 minutes at a time, and they can’t turn the page on your ad, can’t change the channel, and can’t walk away from them either.  You truly have a captive audience for your message when they sit there right in front of your ad.  They sit there and read the table over & over & over & over again… which is exactly what you want them to do. 

Which leads me to my next answer to an obvious question.  Why don’t we just go to big places like
Wal-Mart or any of the big chain stores and businesses and sell the ads quick?  Well, we just don’t choose to do that, for the same reason that we don't choose find an Applebee’s or a McDonalds.  Nothing against any of these big restaurants or these big chain businesses-they are big because they paid their dues for it - I’m sure.  But we are not in the business of getting the big guys bigger, instead our program is inherently designed for all of us little guys to join together and help one another. 

Some people I’ve talked to have posed this question to me, “In my town, a small town, why advertise?”  Everyone knows you, right?  But do they know why to shop or hire you instead of going to a bigger town & going to a big franchise like Wal-Mart, Jiffy Lube, or Lowe's?   Let’s face it, bigger towns aren't very far away and it’s pretty easy to do all our business with the big boys.  So here’s your chance to tell everyone why they shouldn’t go to a big town or to your competitor.  This is YOUR Chance to tell the
community why they should trust you above your competitors … At a price that is reasonable and
affordable...and effective for two years, not just in today’s news which becomes tomorrow’s trash.

5 Key Benefits of Table-Top Advertising

1.  Exposure and Absorption –
We catch people during the most relaxed time of the day – mealtime. Restaurant patrons will have your message 18" from their faces for 15 to 30 minutes, absorbing it consciously as well as unconsciously.

2.  Word-of-Mouth
It has always been one of the most effective methods of advertising and we make it happen. How many people talk about your business now? Just think how many will after seeing your ad on one of our tables! Table-top advertising has proven effective in creating word-of-mouth.

3.  Permanent Image –-
Most methods of advertising subconsciously work against building a permanent image. Thirty second spot, daily newspaper... these do not sound permanent. When you look at one of our tables, it is solid, quality, and permanent – which are three things you definitely want to say about your business.

4.  Repetition
Large companies will tell you what made them as big as they are today is… repetition, repetition, repetition. Restaurant patrons will see your ad consciously several times in the 15 to 30 minutes they are there. But it doesn't stop there! If they like the food, they will be back sitting in front of your ad many times over the next 2-3 years that our tables are in place.

5.  Low Cost
We can do the job for less than 10 cents on the dollar compared to any other professional ad medium.

"ABC Advertising, Inc. is setting the table with YOUR business in mind!"


To see a video and see real people explaining why they love our tabletop advertising,


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