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This honestly might be the opportunity you’ve been praying for.  I’m going to tell you all the real details, all the real numbers, and I won’t be vague.  

How it Works & What we do:

The Program (Part #1):

  1. First, we find the most popular restaurants within a community (your home town or your favorite place to vacation—it doesn’t matter—territory is based on the restaurant only, not the state, county or town).

  2. Then we contract with one of these restaurants to provide them custom designed, beautiful, oak tables at no charge to them for a contract of 2 years.  After 2 years we’ll contract with them again to make a new set of tables for them. 

  3. In turn, these restaurants allow about 30-40 local businesses to have full-color display ads inlaid and laminated into the tops of these tables.  

  • ·          The final product provides customers of the restaurant something interesting to do while they wait for their food—read these beautiful ads.

  • ·          The ads provide local businesses a tremendous amount of exposure to the community for a minimal cost—usually anywhere between $695 - $2995 (depending on the restaurant, the location, the distributor) for a full color display ad on every table in the set for 2 years  (which is about the cost for a display ad in the newspaper for 1 weekend See Advertiser Benefits

  • ·          And it provides the restaurant gorgeous custom tables that they design according to their theme and color scheme.  See Restaurant Benefits

And, it provides the Distributor that coordinates the whole thing (like me or you) profit on a $36,000—$50,000 item (a completed set of table ad sales).  It can take 14-60 days to complete a set usually.  Now this isn’t all the money in the world, but remember this is working 8-5 weekdays (not 12 + hour days), working any time of the year (yes you can take as many holidays as you want), and you might want to expand to several restaurants working at the same time & hire a sales team to make double or triple or quadruple the profit within the same time.  And...I’m not finished talking about the money you can make—there’s so much more!   

For More Detailed Information, just email me or a distributor located near you (see the cards at the bottom of the page)  & we'll give you the details via email or phone.  

Or Just Simply Fill out the FEEDBACK FORM and let us know you are interested. 


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