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1.      You couldn’t hire a more professional team to promote your restaurant!
Our Professional Promotion Team will be recommending your restaurant to business people in your area and will personally, hand-deliver, your take-out menus, cards, coupons, (whatever you want).  If you make the best steaks or home-made pies, we will certainly let everyone we talk to know about it.  We show everyone a pictorial layout of your restaurant, share with them your hours, your specialties, and sometimes even send out press releases to the media (newspaper & radio) about your restaurant for extra promotion. (Only with your permission, of course)  Our goal is to make your restaurant everyone’s favorite place to eat or at least the next place they plan to dine in.  With the big chain restaurants, with their big advertising budgets, moving in to everyone’s neighborhood, even the best and oldest restaurants have their competition and have to really work at promoting themselves.  That’s where we complement your efforts enormously.

2.       Beautiful, high-quality, oak table tops that are custom designed just for your restaurant!
These table tops are made with the highest possible quality standards, with a durable two-part epoxy bar finish with built-in UV filters and is scratch resistant too.  The tables are made to your specifications, to the stain of the table, the color of the top, the designs and pictures of your.  (If you want a picture of your pet guppy in the center of the table, no problem, we can produce it for you.) If you hired a professional to design your own guppy-picture tables, not only might they look at you funny, but it would probably cost you an arm and a leg.  —And you can have these remade every two years, changed however you want!

3.      Your New Tables give your customers something interesting to do, other than look at their watch, while they wait on their food or for service. 
The  slowest time is unoccupied time.  Customers are so busy reading the information on the tables and looking at the interesting pictures that time passes quickly as they wait for their food and for service.  Restaurant owners say the #1 benefit to them is that their new tables occupy their customer’s time during two crucial times:  while waiting for initial service, and while waiting for food.  The tables are interesting, different, a real conversation piece that everyone will enjoy.

4.     You will have about 25-30 very loyal customers once the project is complete.  
With their name in your restaurant, your restaurant will automatically become one of their favorites, likely above all the name-brand chain restaurants.  Even if they don’t understand why, these customers will want to see their name and have their friends and business associates see their name, because somehow they feel more a part of the community by seeing their name in your restaurant.  These local businesses have their big-budget competition too, and you will be giving them the opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of local businesses and they will be proud to be associated with you because of it.  When others ask these dozens of people “Where’s a good place to eat?”, they will certainly be recommending your restaurant too!


But Why you? 

You DESERVE it! - You’ve PAID Your Dues!   Your restaurant is one on a short list of the 5 Most Popular Privately Owned Restaurants in the area.  One of these restaurants will qualify for this FREE offer, and you could be the one.  Please get with the ABC Distributor, fill out the Restaurant Profile and they will determine if you qualify.   (NOTE:  Don’t delay! Our distributors work on a strict schedule and are probably working towards a deadline in your area.  Grab this FREE package to Promote Your Restaurant Today!)

To see a video and see real people explaining why they love our tabletop advertising,


  • Read what others have to say about tabletop advertising.

“The benefits have continued far beyond just the new tables.

- Our patrons do read the ads as they wait for their food, which gives our staff the time they need.

- I’ve personally heard them recommending the advertisers to one another.”

— Norman Veuleman
Owner, Western Sizzlin, Alexandria, LA

“I believe this is one of the most effective marketing methods we’ve done to create a bond for the next two years between my restaurant, the advertisers and their customers.”

— Paul Luovina
Owner, Ludy’s Main St. BBQ

“The beauty and quality of your product far exceeded everything we imagined they would be. There has been an endless stream of compliments from our advertisers and patrons, alike.”

— Chuck Rinehart
Owner, Log Cabin Smoke House

“My customers who are advertising on these tables are impressed with the quality of the tables and the exposure that they give their business.”

— Mark Hudgens
Owner, Dixie Castle

“I recommend this program to anyone in the restaurant business. Traffic increased from the advertisers and their friends.”

— Noella Christensen
Owner, Loopies Westside Deli


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